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Lombok pots have become widely known. Three major villages that are famous with their pottery production are: Banyumulek, Masbagik and Penujak. These villages had their own style and methods which were further developed and improved under the aid plan from new Zealand Government on 1991. Most of Lombok pottery are handmade and using very simple tools and methods - no machinery used but very creative.


Hand Weaving

Two main villages on Lombok that known for it's traditional weaving factory are; Sukarara (Central Lombok) and Pringgasela (East Lombok). Typical of sarongs and tenun ikat are produced here. The sarong is not only a comfortable article of clothing but can serve as a sheet, towel and multitude of other uses. Songket, is one of the most complicated hand weaving that usually done by women from generation to generation. The process can take over a month to reach one piece of songket.Some expensive songket combines silver or gold strings to give a touch of natural, shiny motif. Other kind of hand weaving is called Ikat Weaving, usually done by men


Lime stone

This product can be categorized newcomers compare to other Lombok's art and crafts. Not widely known, but has becoming very popular nowadays. Many big hotels design their lobby wall or give some touch of arts with this product. Unlike lombok pottery, white stone carving does not using any coloring technique, or complicated steps of work.The basic materials is the natural solid rocks/sands stone, which further developed into basic shapes and then carved into final shapes with sands paper and finished by special liquid to protect the natural color from moistures and weather. 

Wood curving

Many of this product can be found in some art galleries in Bali's Legian St, or Ubud. They are well marketed in Bali, and often claim as original Bali's art. Two main villages in Lombok where they mainly produce those items are; Labuapi and Rungkang Jangkuk.



Pearls are hard objects produced in the soft tissues of living molluscs. Just as in its shell, pearls are composed of calcium carbonate in the form of crystals, which have been deposited in concentric layers. The ideal pearls are perfectly round and smooth, but there are also various other forms. The best quality natural pearls have been highly regarded as gems and objects of beauty for centuries, and hence the word "pearl" has become a metaphor for something very rare, awesome, and precious. It is very expensive. The pearls are first used By greek xerxes. At that time the price of pearl is equal to the price of human head, the pearl at that time is believed to be a talisman that brings good luck in the war and also medicine that can cure various diseases.

Pearl jewelry is very good for the world of fashion. Precious pearls are found in the wild, but in very rare quantities. Pearl cultivation or pearls derived from oysters constitute the majority of the pearls sold in the market. Sea water pearls are priced higher than freshwater pearls. The ones that are sold at bargain prices are pearls that are not original, but the quality is usually ugly. In general, non-native pearls can be easily distinguished from indigenous pearls. Many pearls are cultivated for use as female jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and rings. But in the past, pearls are also used as decoration on luxury clothes. Pearls can also be destroyed and used in cosmetic.

A natural pearl is formed without human intervention at all, in the wild, and very rarely. Approximately hundreds of pearl shells must be collected and opened, thus killed, only to find one wild pearl, and for centuries it is the only way to obtain pearls. This is the main reason why pearls are very valuable in the past. The cultured pearl, on the other hand, is one of the pearl species formed by involving humans, on a pearl farm. 

On the island of Lombok there are many pearl farm  sekotong area, North Lombok and eastern Lombok, pearl cultivation on the island of Lombok is controlled by the Japanese, while Pals shop on the island of Lombok is many and also sold by hawkers, to get pearls with good quality With certificate  only you can get on the island of Lombok in LIA PEALS. Store located in the city of ampenan, excellent service, every purchase of sea water pearl will be guaranteed with authenticity with certificate, many Visitor come to Lombok island buy pearl at LIA PEALS. Guaranteed authenticity, Available  freshwater pearls with different patterns and motifs,we guarantee you are satisfied shopping there.If you are vacation on the island of Lombok to get a good Peals you can contact the Booking Lombok Holidays Tour reservations. Mobile / whats app.0818365070 or Email:



Many of this product can found in Lombok like table,chair made from bamboo.and some bamboo use for  gazebo,look like antique thing,place product bamboo moubel in Gunung sari.




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Getting to Lombok
Getting to Lombok
It is easy to get lombok from bali-flight time it only 30 minutes and airfares start around 350.000 (approx U$ 35 ) one way.Buy ticket direct from airline counter at the airport or contact local trave agent in both bali and Lombok.Lombok International airport ( bandara International Lombok ) Commenl
Travel Tips in Lombok
Travel Tips in Lombok
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Lombok Culinary
Lombok island not only rich with culture and art ,good scenery from west to south lombok but it"s also rich in culinary which have special hot and spicy as well as the island  name “ Lombok” in Indonesia language it mean chili paper, it always take chili in made local food. Some oth