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Lombok Island not rich with culture,view beach with white sand,beutiful mountain view Mount Rinjani,one others famous is cake.most of cake in Lombok use for offering (relegion festival) or serve a guest or friend  when local people in Lombok celebrating,or held ceremony,circumsation,wedding party,or birthday party. For make local cake mostly they cook used woodfire and use palm suger,due test not very below some local cake are in Lombok

Kue wajik

Made of black sticky rice, mixed with coconut milk, then in steam for 2 hours, these snacks when prepared in mixed with grated coconut and mixed with palm sugar, these cake serve on wedding ceremonies, circumcisions, or  1000 days died ( Nyiu )

Kue Bantal

Made from glutinous rice, mixed with the grated coconut and coconut milk, to add flavor in the middle of banana slices, how to cook, glutinous rice wrapped in young coconut leaves later in the pack, in the middle of glutinous rice paste sliced bananas or mixed with red beans, boiled for 4 hours, in order to really boilded,it is at present this cake serve in circumcision ceremony, or for Hindu relegion used for ceremonies offrering.

lupis ketan

Made of glutinous rice, weave, glutinous rice that has been soaked for 2 hours, then mixed with coconut milk, then in packs like making bearings, steamed for 4 hours, for presentation this cake chopped, on top of this cake in mixed with grated coconut and palm sugar, this cake is usually served at the wedding ceremony


Made from sticky rice, which is boiled, then after the steamed glutinous rice that has been cooked then create charts round made, then dry in the sun, after a dry cake rengginang in the sun, to enjoy cake rengginang, should be fried, and then on top in put some palm suger taste sweet.this cake specially serve on wedding ceremony,circumcation or 100 days after died ( Nyatus)


Made from sticky rice, which is mashed into a fine, then wrapped in palm leaves that resemble a pillow, boiled for 2 hours, the color of the cake tumbeg, use palm sugar,  usually the color red, , this meal present at the time of marriage ceremony or for the Hindus as the ceremony ( offering ) 


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Holiday to Lombok is a dream for traveler,beautiful beaches for visitor ,they will got new impression in small island of Lombok .now  being promote by our government  to all over the world as second commodities after agriculture  with white sand, it feel you stay in your home, rich cu
Getting to Lombok
Getting to Lombok
It is easy to get lombok from bali-flight time it only 30 minutes and airfares start around 350.000 (approx U$ 35 ) one way.Buy ticket direct from airline counter at the airport or contact local trave agent in both bali and Lombok.Lombok International airport ( bandara International Lombok ) Commenl
Travel Tips in Lombok
Travel Tips in Lombok
Lombok offers travelers of all ages numerous and various leisure activities to enjoy.There are variety of hotels, resorts and villas to choose from low budget till high class.Each destination in Lombok island from west to south,north and east are hotel avialable.senggigi area are nummerious hotel fr
Lombok art &  Craft
Lombok art & Craft
Pottery Lombok pots have become widely known. Three major villages that are famous with their pottery production are: Banyumulek, Masbagik and Penujak. These villages had their own style and methods which were further developed and improved under the aid plan from new Zealand Government on 1991. Mos