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Mataram   The Capital of Lombok

Mataram  is the administrative capital of Province Nusa Tenggara Barat. Public buildings, banks, post office, general hospitals and shopping malls are found here. A part of West Nusa Tenggara  province, Mataram is the capital and main city of Lombok. It includes the port town of Ampenan, the town of Mataram, Sweta and Cakranegara. As a center of government administration, Mataram has many large,  public buildings and substantial houses include Governor office, Mataram university and  two public hospital.public hospital province and new mataram public hospital .The city also has transportation and shopping facilities. The main square is used for art exhibitions, theater and dance performances. In other parts of Mataram, there are a variety of old-style markets and neighborhoods featuring traditional craft work like basket ware and gold- and silver-threaded sarongs, or  garments. The port of Ampenan was once Lombok's main port, but it now relies mostly on fishing vessels. Cakranegara has significant Balinese and Chinese populations, the Chinese having been brought by the Dutch to provide cheap labor.The town is easy reach from Lombok  international airport  about 40 minutes drive by taxi or Airport shuttle bus and Lembar sea port just 20 minutes drive with public bus transportation take 25 minutes.


There are plenty of good quality hotels, hostel to stay in Mataram form medium to low budget. For either business or leisure, Mataram is a clean and friendly city to explorer. Food stalls, shopping mall are the main attraction of this town. Most places to stay are recently located in Cakranegara and few old places in Ampenan. The Mataram city about 35 minutes drive from new international airport in Lombok (Bandara Udara International Lombok). It's easy to get around and metered taxis are available upon request.


most of hotel in mataram own restaurant ,out side hotel,it easy to find  restaurant with good quality food ,mostly around cakranegara and ampenan, Most restaurant  open on the road in the afternoon for dinner ( warteg) ,fix restaurant mostly are in cakranegara like restaurant ayam taliwang irama,Seafood restaurant,kuntacky fried chicken and mic donald

Place of interest & hestorical

Lingsar Temple a complex of three temples located a few kilimeter north narmada,is oldest temple and holiest of the balinese temples in lombok founded in the 16 century by Danghyang Nirartha( Priest from Bali)

Suranadi temple, First temple built by priest from bali named danghyang Nirartha,he brought hindu to lombok

Bertais market. Central traditional market,it is big local market located east side cakranegara.

Getap Village. Central black smith village.people there made horse shoes,knife etc.located in cakranegara.

Ampenan. old harbor and cental peal shop and  local cake.located 8 km from senggigi

Mayura palace. Reminder palace from kingdom in lombok and King from bali located in cakranegara.

Gunung Pengsong : Hindu temple on the hill,just 5 km from mataram

Loang Baloq : Moslem Grave located 2 km south ampenan direction.

Shopping Canter.

Mataram Mall : Located in cakranegara,a big shoping center,where you find local food and international food,fashion and elextronic thing

Epicentrum : located in heart of mataram,new big shoping center,organized by matahari store.mostly sell good quality fashion and international food.

Lombok city center (LCC) Located east side of cakranegara,around 5 km from mataram.sell fashion & local dishes , international,some elextronic thing.

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