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SEKOTONG is one of Lombok Barat district located on south western of Lombok Island. It has long white sandy beach, protected bays, crystal clear blue waters magnificent coral and green mountains as a backdrop. Sekotong beach is being hailed as the "new" tourist destination for visitor to Lombok. Much of the area still relatively unchanged exhibiting beautiful, natural landscapes and simple, traditional life style. The only word that comes to mind is "peaceful". Weather it's taking lazy walk on the long white beaches, soaking in the exotic sunrises and sunsets or admiring the majestic view if Mt. Rinjani, Lombok highest peak, and Mt. Agung on Bali, you will be surprised at the sense of well being that will surround you in this delightful setting.The majority of population are Sasak people who are very friendly and polite. While strolling along the beach or just sitting back relaxing, you can watch the local bringing in the catch of the day, collecting shellfish and seaweed from the low water pools or the children happily swimming in the sea, don't forget to joint them they will really make you feel at home! There is also a small enclave of Hindu villagers and their temple is the beach area. And they make an important contribution here too. Daily local market available in Pelangan, you can find the locals market the wares and produce of the area. 

Gili Nanggu
Gili Nanggu is a small Island with a beautiful white sandy beach, it is surrounded by many small Islands, which also beautiful place for snorkeling and swimming. Many visitor just do a day trip from Senggigi or Mataram area but if you want to spend longer day on the island, there is a Bungalow to stay in and restaurant serve Indonesian and European foods. Accommodation rate from Rp300,000/per room/night. Contact your travel agent to do a trip or stay on Gili Nanggu to enjoy the tranquility of the beaches. Don't have agent contact us for a tailor package trip

Gili Gede
Gili Gede is the largest Gili Island on Lombok. It has It has 4 Sasak traditional Fishing villages and accessible from a well well maintained Lombok highway. It is only 400 meters from the main island of Lombok. You can get there easily via a local outrigger local boat transport called "Sampan". On the island there is one resort for visitor stay called "Secret Island Resort". For those who love beach, snorkeling, diving or just want to relaxing on hidden word of paradise do not miss to visit and stay on Gili Gede. Other interesting to see is a big farm oyster industry for Pearl own by Japanese. The farm industry called "Kyoko Budaya Mutiara", it has been produces the best quality of pearl in the world.

Gili Tangkong

This island is only about 28 hectar,but with its white sand beach and cristal water,Gili tangkong has always spreding its charms to the visitor

Gili kedis

Is the smallest island.From a distances this small un inhabitant looks likes a coral island which is serrounded by a dense of tiny trees

Gili Sudak

just next Gili kedis,is famous with orange star fish and sea urchins

Gili Asahan,Gili Ringgit,Gili Poh,Gili Layar

These gilis are a cluster of non populated island next to Gili Nanggu and Gili Gede on the coast of Sekotong Beach. These island has many sites for snorkeling, diving, fishing and swimming. All accessible using charter outrigger locals boat (Sampan). There is no accommodation available on these and no tourist facility, whole of the day is quiet. Visitor who want to spend holiday on these island should arrange one day trip or camping if want to stay overnight in the one of these island. Please contact us if you don't have travel agent to arrange this trip.

Since 2008 lot of gold point founded on the hilly area of Sekotong and Pelangan that makes local people very busy doing traditional way gold mining with very simple tools. The life has been slightly change since 2 year pass by this activities, economic improved and run well. But their activities also impact to threatened environmental damage by the potential negative effects from the use of chemicals to separate gold ore from the rock. Accommodation for visitor to stay in Pelangan available at Permula beach, the name is Bola-Bola Paradise and Palm beach Bungalow, all at the front of beach

This place has been really famous by all surfers in the world as the best spot for surfing in Lombok Island. Surfers from many countries has been came to try the wave at Desert point, Bangko-Bangko. Barrels of 20 seconds have been filmed there and 10 second tubes are common. Full or new moon low tides, a south east wind and a big swell are needed, most consistent from May to October. It can go weeks without waves, but just one Desert Point bomb will make the wait worth it. Experienced surfer only. Bring your booties an a good tube riding board. Very simple hut build for surfers to stay here but for more comfortable stay surfers always stay either in Bola-Bola Paradise, Palm Beach, In Deep or Purnama Villas.

Mekaki Beach
Others beautiful beach in Sekotong is Mekaki Beach, from local market  Pelangan drive further to the south about 5km. The beach just soo white and wonderful views sweeping India ocean. The sea quiet wavy so should guided to go for swim.No accommodation available here but visitor can just stay in Pelangan and do day trip to this area. Or if you want to stay overnight here must arrange camping trip in advanced with your travel agent or contact us to arrange it

Elak elak Beach.

is located in sekotong area to the south lombok island,it is about 60 km from mataram,the capital city of west nusa tenggara province.from thr edge of this beach which is also a cape the visitor can cross it during low tide by walk to the small island name Gili penyu,what is special is you can see a lot of star fish scattered on the sea floor.It is a rare and amazing view.

Nambung Beach.

The beach is located in the hamlet nambung,pegantap is about 60 km from mataram.White sand beach shaped like pepper is one of the advantages of this beach.its mean advantages namely at the end of this nambung coastal cliffs are rocky clifft and underneath there is asmall pond like pool.

The most beatiful moment is sat under the cliffs when the sea water slammed the cliffs,the sea water will fall like niagara fall.well you can capture the moment and make sure the camera battery and you phone from being exposed to sea water,due to the pounding surf rock hard enough.

All Sekotong areas easy access either by car or Motorbike on well maintained Lombok Highway.Public transportation to Sekotong and Pelangan is by Bemo depart from Lembar Bemo station, turn left 100m before ferry terminal from Mataram direction.


·        Mataram / Cakranegara / Sweta to Lembar Bemo station ±30 minutes

·        Lembar to Central Sekotong ±30 minutes

·        Central Sekotong to Pelangan ±30 minutes

·        Central Sekotong to Tawun ±20 minutes

·        Pelangan to Mekaki Beach ±15 minutes

·        Tawun to Gili Nanggu by Boat ±25 minutes


  • Always use your right hand to point or offering anything to the locals
  • Risking to sound like your mother, we need to remind you to equip  your self with sun protection.
  • Also bring a bathing suit and extra clothing
  • Carry enough cash of local currency (Indonesia Rupiah=IDR), no ATM and money changer available in this area
  • Shopping at small shop/market is fixed price, no need to bargain except shop in an art market/souvenir. You can try half price from their offer.
  • For comfortable trip use private transfers service rather than public transport or contact local travel agency to arrange a holiday trip package for you





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