Booking lombok holidays

Holiday to Lombok is a dream for traveler,beautiful beaches for visitor ,they will got new impression in small island of Lombok .now  being promote by our government  to all over the world as second commodities after agriculture  with white sand, it feel you stay in your home, rich culture and many others places which good to see, quite for leisure. if you have plan to holiday here with some activities you may do in Lombok :


Lombok has many beaches to visit some of beaches with white color, clear water for swimming or lying down for sun bathing. kuta beach with white sand, Tanjung aan sand like pepper, mawun beach quite beach you stay like in your private beach.nipah along beach flat area and east lombok corner are famous beach for swimming Pink Beach,located in east part of Lombok ,a new tourist destination


Soft Trekking

Much of the island is still covered by natural rain forest and juggles, making lombok ideal for eco tourism and adventure. There are a number of spectacular waterfall on the island of lombok Which provide lovely trekking opportunities, whether travelling independently or as part of a tour.Sendang Gila waterfall on the slope of mount rRnjani in the north is easy accessible waterfall in a stunning juggle setting and popular with visitor Jeruk manis waterfall near tete batu is reached by walking through pretty rice fields and forest .The awesome benang stokel and benang kelambu waterfall,in central lombok located within soft trek of each other and make a perfect day trip for those who appriciate truly magical natural surrounding

Snorkeling & swimming

North parth of lombok many place offered plot for snorkeling and diving,gili trawangan,air and meno with coral reff.. Others place in south west lombok gili nanggu,asahan,not for diving only,you may do snorkeling is good ,all dive couse with standard padi license,available in senggigi area or in north Gili,Trawangan,meno,air.


Lombok rich with culture, many a place worth to visit like ,mayura palace a reminder of kingdom from karang asem,pura suranadi was first temple built by priest from bali danghyang Nirartha.He brought Hindu religion to lombok ,Narmada temple a replica lake rinjani name segara anak .Batu bolong temple ,a temple close to tourist object senggigi place  for worship God of Baruna.


South Lombok gerupuk is nice place for surf,surfer came from all over the world come to surf there,for biginner or junior surf.actually id course in kuta or around senggigi area,others places in gili trawangan,some place there have big wave for surf.


Cycling most popular in now day in lombok, some visitor come to lombok make short trip with bike. Trip Ride bike not more then 10 km. for rent bike around tourist area you may find out side  your hotel  or in your hotel


Mount rinjani offer many traveller to advanture in lombok Island,located north side from mataram capital of lombok,mount rinjani higher 3726 m above sea level.second higher mountain in indonesia.during dry season many traveller fro all over the world do trekking to mount rinjani,gate are two way from senaru and Sembalun.beutiful lake segara anak and child of rinjani mountain gunung baru jari.dream for traveller to advanture in Lombok.

Advature adrenaline.

Lombok has many clean river,and avialable for those like test adrenaline,lombok good place to enjoy,river tubing is good do activities,place of river tubing is located 15 km from capital of lombok.let come to lombok and enjoy river tubing

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Getting to Lombok
Getting to Lombok
It is easy to get lombok from bali-flight time it only 30 minutes and airfares start around 350.000 (approx U$ 35 ) one way.Buy ticket direct from airline counter at the airport or contact local trave agent in both bali and Lombok.Lombok International airport ( bandara International Lombok ) Commenl
Travel Tips in Lombok
Travel Tips in Lombok
Lombok offers travelers of all ages numerous and various leisure activities to enjoy.There are variety of hotels, resorts and villas to choose from low budget till high class.Each destination in Lombok island from west to south,north and east are hotel avialable.senggigi area are nummerious hotel fr
Lombok art &  Craft
Lombok art & Craft
Pottery Lombok pots have become widely known. Three major villages that are famous with their pottery production are: Banyumulek, Masbagik and Penujak. These villages had their own style and methods which were further developed and improved under the aid plan from new Zealand Government on 1991. Mos
Lombok Culinary
Lombok Culinary
Lombok island not only rich with culture and art ,good scenery from west to south lombok but it"s also rich in culinary which have special hot and spicy as well as the island  name “ Lombok” in Indonesia language it mean chili paper, it always take chili in made local food. Some oth